The wind beneath my wings

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We have all heard of this very famous phrase “the wind beneath my wings” from the equally famous song by Gary Morris.

This blog post is to pay homage to all the people in my life who have been the “wind beneath my wings” – and I meet them everyday.

The ones who smile warmly at me. The ones with a kind word. Those who look at me with understanding. The ones with the large, listening ears. The ones who refuse to judge me and allow me to learn and bloom and grow. The ones with the large heart. The ones filled with a feeling of abundance and keen to share generously. Those who have believed that I have something to offer to the world – and showed me how to do it. Those who taught me to value myself and never sell myself short.

The big dreamers, who smile knowingly and encouragingly at me.  The courageous ones, who follow their dreams and put in the hard work to make them real – providing inspiration to everyone.

The ones with the sharp mind, who question my premises and want me to validate my hypothesis and test my beliefs. The observant ones, who point out to me what I have missed, so I am not blind-sided. The detail oriented ones, who hold me accountable for the quality of my work. The hard working friends who put my nose to the grind stone to ensure execution.

The men and women who have taught me how to make friends and influence people – by truly understanding the spirit of give and take. That this spirit of reciprocity is what makes the world go around.

In this season of celebration, as we bring in the New Year, I welcome you to this blog. It is time to give back. To be the wind beneath your wings. As you seek the support and strength you need to fulfil your dreams in life. You have 12 new chapters, 365 new days waiting for you this year.

You can call, message or whatsapp me on 91-8197291755

With love and best wishes


You can listen to the original song here. Gary Morris Wind beneath my wings

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